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Founded 1964

  • TCS was founded in 1964 specializing in healthcare collections; Hospital, Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Chiropractor General Surgery, MRI, Orthopedics, Pediatrics Dental to name a few.

  • TCS works with just about every payer type; Medicare, Medicaid, Medical, AHCCCS, Contracted

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tricare, Workman's' Compensation and all Commercial Carriers.

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TCS, Inc.
Our services and capabilities include, but are not limited to

tcs, inc.

General Collections – Identify responsible party, locate, make contact and recover delinquent balances

Special Handling Programs – As defined by our clients

Clean-up Projects - Any Receivables Management Support requirements when client's time and/or resources
are limited


Insurance Support - Billing and denial follow-up to resolution

Consulting - Evaluation of your current policies & procedures to maximum efficiency and results

Negotiation & Management of Payment Arrangements - Establish patient's ability to pay, set-up payment
terms, manage until Paid in Full


Electronic File Transfer - Paperless

Automated Skip Tracing - Utilize all sources available to TCS as a licensed Collection Service

Credit Card and Phone Check Processing - Reduces delinquent debt quickly


Credit Bureau Reporting - Nationwide reporting

Standard & Customized Reporting Capabilities - Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-yearly and annual report cards relating
to recovery, trends and progress

Legal Action - Filing a civil lawsuit against the debtors for non-payment of a debt. All legal proceedings are handled
through our office without any out of pocket expense to you.


Make the right decision when picking the collection service for your company,  join TCS, Inc. with 57+ years in the industry.

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